Our Products

Flomak Textile makes revolutionary technical apparel. Our team brings a wealth of engineering expertise to the design process. The optimal comfort of our garments and outstanding quality of our products are the result of the precision used in their development and manufacture. Our activewear, team wear, outdoor apparel, loungewear and swimwear are crafted with intelligence.


Performance wear | Studio to Street | Work Leisure

Our innovative activewear items move with you. Sports-specific designs provide lightweight finishes, flexibility, insulation, moisture and temperature regulation, as required. We accommodate a wide range of activities including jogging, marathon running, yoga, tennis, golf and triathlons. Our trend-aware athleisure items adapt to sporting activities and casual outings away from the gym or track.

Outdoor Sports

Windproof | Waterproof | Insulation

Specialised outdoor sports require specialised garments. Our team can advise you on the most appropriate materials and constructions for your brand. Choose from heat-sealed waterproof seams applied with bonding technology, windproof membrane-coated fabrics and ultrasonic seam applications. We make products for adventure sports such as hiking, cycling, mountaineering, skiing, snowboarding and kayaking.


Team Sports | Motor Sports | Formula 1

Some of the world’s most recognised teams are served by Flomak Textile’s high-performance team kits. We can advise you on what fabrics are suitable for your sport, across football, basketball, Formula 1 and other motor sports. Our technical fabrics deliver durability and sports-specific functionality. Fabrics can be custom printed using state-of-the-art sublimation technology, delivering long-lasting effects.


Swimwear | Underwear | Shapewear

Flomak Textile offers a wide range of swimwear and undergarments for men and women. The technical expertise we use across our activewear is extended to complementary products like shapewear, lingerie, boxer briefs and sports underwear, made from biodegradable or high compression materials. State-of-the-art sublimation technology allows us to finish swimwear with custom prints.

Smart Tech

Competitive Sports | Medical | Defence